Tagging and Annunciator Relays

Personnel Protection Through SCADA Control of NESC "Tag-Out" Function

3-phase TCM ATR 24TR2 TCM 31TR2 31TR-3
Series 24 3-Phase TCM (Trip Coil Monitor) Series 24 ATR (Annunciator Target Relay) Series 24 TR-2 (Tagging Relay, 2-Position) Series 24 Trip Coil Monitor (TCM) Series 31 TR-2 (tagging relay, 2-position) Series 31 TR-3 (tagging relay, 3-position)
Mechanical Specifications
Sections 1-10 1-6 1-6
Poles 1-40 1-32 1-18
Positions 2 2 3
Detent angle 45° 45° 45°
Electrical ratings
Continuous rating 2A-125VDC 30A-600V 15A-600V 15A-600V
Interrupting current240VAC125VDC120VAC N/AN/AN/A N/AN/AN/A 15A3AN/A N/AN/AN/A 5A1A10A 5A1A10A
Max. breaking ability
Max. making ability 95A 45A 45A
Momentary current30 seconds60 seconds3 seconds N/AN/AN/A N/AN/AN/A 75A60AN/A N/AN/AN/A 35A25A90A 35A25A90A
Overload current240VAC600VAC120VAC N/AN/AN/A N/AN/AN/A 65A35AN/A N/AN/AN/A N/AN/A45A N/AN/A45A
Dielectric strength 2200Vrms 2200Vrms 2200Vrms
Insulation resistance 100 megaohms 100 megaohms 100 megaohms
Contact resistance 10 miliohms 10 miliohms 10 miliohms
Horsepower Ratings
Switch mountings3-Hole4-hole YesN/A YesN/A YesN/A YesN/A N/AYes N/AYes
Locking features
Optional features
ApprovalsUL RecognizedCSA CertifiedCEANSI(IEEE) C37.90 (Surge Withstand) N/AN/AN/AYes YesYesYesN/A N/AN/AN/AN/A N/AN/AN/AYes N/AN/AN/AN/A N/AN/AN/AN/A
Display Output
Display Range (Indication)
Meter Power Supply (Aux)
Output Options
Voltage to Measure (Input)