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Switches, Relays and Meters Designed and Manufactured for
Protection, Control and Monitoring of Electric Power Systems.
“Never A Doubt”
Battery System Monitor
Remote Monitoring and Reporting
Ground Faults
Over/Under Voltage
AC Charger Malfunction /
Power Loss
Open Strap Detection
Open Cell
Battery System Monitor Panel
Model 25-1000


Designed to Meet or Exceed UL/CSA Requirements


Designed to Meet MIL-S-6807, 21604, 15291, and 18396 Requirements

ARGA Battery Monitors
and Meters

Designed to Meet or Exceed ANSI 37.90.1 Surge Requirements

What's Behind the Switch is Important

Backed by the industry's most knowledgeable and responsive engineering and customer service professionals

With Electroswitch, there is... "Never A Doubt."