Screw Machine Operator

Setup, operate, maintain and perform repairs to automatic screw machines to produce high volume piece parts.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Perform complete setup of Brown and Sharpe automatic machines to produce piece parts to tolerance specified by piece part prints
  • Select proper cams, turret tools, collet dogs, spindle speed gears
  • Set-up thread rollers as required and operate LIPE automatic bar feeds
  • Select job to be run by prepared schedule / Kanban cards
  • Maintain and sharpen all form tools, cut-off tools and drills
  • Select bar stock according to shop order material list
  • Inspect all first piece parts according to print dimensions and conduct in-process inspections throughout entire order quantity using comparators, dial calipers, micrometers, thread micrometers and thread and ring gauges to insure part conformity to blueprints
  • Create, setup and record SPC data as required on each piece part and move parts to next area or work center indicated by shop order after operation is complete

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Operate CNC or manual machines as required
  • Ensure good quality and a clean and safe work area at all times
  • Must be trained in hazardous waste handling and control
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Desired Qualifications:

This position requires a level of knowledge usually associated with a high school or vocational school diploma with additional specialized training in the operation and setup of Brown and Sharpe screw machines with five or more years of related experience.  Skilled in the operation of surface grinder, drill sharpener and measuring tools.  

Training Requirements:

  • General safety
  • Quality system awareness
  • Hazardous waste handling and control

Physical Demands:

  • Required to sit, stand, bend and lift up to 60 lbs. on a regular basis

Work Environment:

  • Combination of manufacturing and office environment
  • Regular exposure to noise, dust, heat, cold and odors

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